Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil Scent, 80 ct

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Mrs. Meyer's Basil Scented Dryer Sheets

Infuse your laundry with the crisp, uplifting aroma of Basil while taming those pesky static clings. These dryer sheets bring nature's freshness straight into your home.

Basil Aromatherapy

Evoking thoughts of a flourishing garden, the Basil scent is both refreshing and soothing. Its earthy, cool aroma will make every laundry day an aromatic delight.

Static Be Gone!

Each sheet is designed to minimize static, leaving your clothes feeling soft and comfortable against the skin. Say goodbye to the annoyance of clothes sticking together!

Nature's Touch in Every Sheet

Crafted with plant-derived softeners, our dryer sheets are a testament to our belief in the power of nature. Thoughtfully chosen ingredients ensure a gentle touch on your clothes, minus the harsh chemicals.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Our commitment to the planet is unwavering. The sheets are both compostable and recyclable, promoting sustainability and responsible disposal.

Cruelty-Free Promise

Mrs. Meyer's products stand against animal testing. Every product, including our Basil Scented Dryer Sheets, is cruelty-free, ensuring peace of mind with every use.

Complete Your Basil Collection

Pair these dryer sheets with our Basil-scented laundry detergent and fabric softener for a full aromatic experience. Let the calming essence of Basil envelop your clothes and your home.

Mrs. Meyer's – Rooted in Goodness

Trust in a brand that believes in the goodness of nature. Choose Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day for laundry that not only feels great but smells fantastic too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Henry G.

I Got it at a good price on trustables. Love how you can use each sheet 2-3 times before it loses its smell. Mrs. Meyers is my favorite brand by far

Elijah T.
Nice Quality

Amazing product by Mrs. Meyer's. Love what it does to my sheets. Makes them smell Great and Fresh. It's very good at removing those detergent smell off sheets. Thank you Kim from trustables for your help with the order.

Daniel T.

I came across these dryer sheets from Mrs. Meyer's & Love how its made with essential oil and a lot of other plant-based materials. I found that I can reuse these sheets more than one time!

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