Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Lotion, Lemon Verbena, 12 oz

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Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena Hand Lotion

Introducing a burst of citrusy freshness to your daily skincare regime! Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Lotion in the invigorating Lemon Verbena scent is your go-to solution for soft, smooth hands.

Zesty Lemon Goodness

Unleash the vibrant aroma of lemon verbena—a scent known for its refreshing and uplifting properties. A dash of this lively fragrance will leave you with a rejuvenated spirit and hands that smell divine.

Deep Moisturization

Pamper your hands with a formula enriched with shea butter, almond oil, and other botanical ingredients. This hand lotion is specially crafted to hydrate and nourish, ensuring your skin remains soft and supple.

Natural Touch

Mrs. Meyer's believes in harnessing the power of nature. That's why our hand lotions are free from parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors, providing a pure and gentle care for your hands.

Quick Absorption, Non-Greasy

Say goodbye to the sticky residue! Our lotion is lightweight, absorbing quickly into the skin, ensuring a smooth finish without a greasy after-feel.

Eco-Friendly Commitment

Our bottles are created with a touch of sustainability, containing at least 25% post-consumer plastic. Also, Mrs. Meyer's remains a proud cruelty-free brand, ensuring no animals are harmed in our product testing.

Bring Home The Garden

With Mrs. Meyer's, every drop brings nature closer to you. Dive into our range of garden-inspired scents and products, and turn your daily routines into fragrant delights. Embrace the goodness of nature, for Mrs. Meyer's is deeply rooted in it.

Customer Reviews

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Jessica R.

This lotion has been our goto moisturizer for the past six years. It smells great and absorbs easily. My skin has never felt better

Brandon G.

The product is very light and non-irritating. Would not recommend severely dry skin as a stand-alone solution. However, if you exfoliate properly using a dry brush method before you shower this universal lotion does its' job. Great work from Donna & the trustables team for helping me.

James Taylor
Very Convenient

I love this lotion. It smells great, but isn't so strong that it takes over. Very gentle on hand and makes my skin smooth no matter the season

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