Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Sanitizer Bottle, Lavender Scent, 2 fl oz

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Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Hand Sanitizer

Maintaining clean hands is essential, especially when water and soap aren't within reach. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Sanitizer in Lavender scent offers a quick, convenient way to sanitize your hands no matter where you are.

Aromatic Lavender Bliss

Derived from the Mediterranean lavender plant, this scent provides a calming sensation, turning a simple act of hand sanitizing into a moment of relaxation.

Lavender Hand Sanitizer Benefits & Features

  • Quick Sanitizing: Efficiently eliminates germs and bacteria, ensuring your hands remain clean and safe.

  • Natural Ingredients: Formulated with essential oils and other plant-derived ingredients.

  • Travel-friendly Size: The 2 fl oz bottle is perfect for your bag, car, or office desk. Sanitize anytime, anywhere.

  • Moisturizing Feel: Unlike some hand sanitizers that leave hands feeling dry, ours is designed to leave your skin feeling soft.

True to Our Roots

At Mrs. Meyer's, we believe in a clean world, which starts with clean hands. And while we've captured the essence of the lavender field, we ensure that harmful chemicals are kept out.

Complete Your Lavender Collection

Pair with our Lavender scented hand soaps, lotions, and other products for a full sensory experience.

About Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

Marrying the effectiveness of traditional cleaning products with delightful fragrances, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day elevates everyday routines into aromatic experiences, all while being kind to our planet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Evelyn L.

It seems like all companies are coming out of the woodwork with sanitizing products, so it's hard not to be weary. These suave hand sanitizers are great, they have the common ingredients most sanitizers have. I love the size, the scent is fine. Its definitely a good buy.

Madison R.
Great Quality

I like the very low odor of this spray. Suave is obviously using very high-quality ethanol with the smelly fusel oils largely removed. There is some odor, but very minimal to me, and Im sensitive to it. The fusel oils are the smell everyone is complaining about with low-grade ethanol sanitizers. This is ethanol sanitizer done very well.

William G.
Very Good

It works well on my table side and I was able to share some with my family. As long as it kills the germs... It's a keeper. It's very light not thick, and gentle.

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