Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner Bottle, Lavender Scent, 16 fl oz

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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaners feature hard-working yet gentle multi purpose cleaning agents, while also providing a special, singular scent for your entire home. Lavender has long been prized for its original and clean floral scent. Such a pretty and reassuring herb! We combine garden inspired scents, essential oils, and plant-derived multi purpose cleaning ingredients to clean kitchen messes and all over the house. Our cleaning spray is great on all non-porous surfaces such as finished wood and tile floors, countertops, walls, porcelain, bathroom fixtures, sealed natural and synthetic stone, and more. Available in other garden inspired scents and biodegradable products such as dish soaps and laundry detergents! Mrs. Meyer's – rooted in goodness.

Mrs. Meyer's Cruelty Free Cleaning Products

Make short work of cleaning dishes, your hands, home and business with Mrs. Meyer's cleaning supplies.

Made without parabens, phthalates, animal-derived ingredients, Mrs. Meyer’s products are always cruelty free & never tested on animals.

Mrs. Meyer's – rooted in goodness.

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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products bring garden-inspired scents to all the products that revolve around you. From the delightful scents of Lavender and Acorn Spice to the refreshing and invigorating scent of Lilac, find the scent you love for all your everyday use items including:

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Customer Reviews

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Isabella G.

I'm happy with how well this product performed in cleaning my full bathroom. It was easy getting the dirt off of surfaces and I love the light, natural scent it leaves behind. Not once did I have to cough or leave the room to get a break from fumes.

William C.
Worked out quite Well

I bought this product because I was not satisfied with my existing all surface cleaner and wanted a more "green" product. I've just had it a couple of days. I have gone through the house from kitchen to bathroom, cleaning appliances, woodwork, all the usual things in a house. So far the product has done a great job, clean, fresh-smelling, without harsh chemicals. Thank you Mrs. Meyer!

Oliver J.
perfect for everyday

It was the first natural cleaning product I tried and have been using for a while. I use it in my kitchen on countertops and fixtures. I love the way it smells. Prompt delivery from trustables is just amazing!

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