Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender Scented Room Freshener Spray Bottle, 8 fl oz

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Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Room Freshener: Serenity in Every Spray

Immerse your space in the tranquil embrace of lavender with Mrs. Meyer's Room Freshener. Designed to refresh and revitalize, this spray bottle is your shortcut to a calm, fragrant atmosphere.

The Calming Charm of Lavender

Lavender, renowned for its soothing properties, doesn’t just freshen the room – it brings a sense of peace. Each spritz is a journey to a serene lavender field, ensuring your surroundings resonate with relaxation.

Instant Freshness at Your Fingertips

Bad odors don't stand a chance. A few light mists from this spray bottle can transform any space. Whether it's the living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom, freshness is just a spray away.

A Blend Rooted in Nature

With Mrs. Meyer’s commitment to garden-inspired ingredients, this room freshener ensures that you’re not only getting a pleasing aroma but also a natural touch to your daily freshness routine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Justin T.

I have used this in my bathroom with just a few sprays and my bathroom freshens up. love the scent. cashback is bringing me back.

Samantha G.
Love it!!

I got this in the best deal on trustables. The Lavender fragrance is out of this world. Does not leave stains on cotton, has reusable bottles to make them more environmentally sound, and quickly delivered to my doorstep... Let me know if there is a brand out there that even competes

Lucas C.
Worked out quite Well

If you have stinky, athletic children like I do, this is the product for you! Mrs. Meyers Lavender fills the room instantly with freshness and removes all the odors. Love how I can get an entire range of Mrs. Meyer's on trustables.

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