Mrs. Meyer's Fall Scent Hand Soap Variety Pack, 1 Apple Cider, 1 Mum, 1 CT

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Mrs. Meyer's Fall Scent Hand Soap Variety Pack: A Symphony of Autumnal Aromas

Wrap your senses in the warm embrace of fall with the Mrs. Meyer's Fall Scent Hand Soap Variety Pack. Masterfully curated, this set combines two distinct fragrances that define the richness and vibrancy of the autumn season: Apple Cider and Mum. Let each hand wash transport you to the heart of fall, where nature's splendor is in full swing.

Apple Cider: An Orchard Retreat

Dive into the nostalgic charm of Apple Cider, a scent that brings forth the warmth of sun-kissed orchards. With every lather, you're transported to a world where apples ripen to perfection, and a hint of spice lingers in the air, evoking memories of festive apple-picking and cozy gatherings.

Mum: A Floral Ode to Autumn

The Mum fragrance pays a beautiful tribute to one of autumn's most adored blooms. Let the delicate floral notes cradle your senses, reminiscent of a walk through a garden where chrysanthemums bloom in a brilliant spectacle of reds, oranges, and yellows.

Purity and Elegance in Every Drop

Beyond their mesmerizing fragrances, Mrs. Meyer's hand soaps stand as a testament to nature's efficacy. Crafted with plant-derived ingredients, they not only cleanse but also nurture, leaving hands feeling soft, refreshed, and enveloped in autumn's finest aromas. Environmentally conscious and cruelty-free, these soaps echo Mrs. Meyer's commitment to our planet.

Celebrate Fall in Every Handwash

This hand soap variety pack is more than just a cleaning essential; it's an experience, a journey through autumn's most cherished moments. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful seasonal gift, this set promises to make every handwash a celebration of fall.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This would get 5+++ stars if I actually received what I ordered. Instead I got Acorn Spice which is not a great smelling soap. My order clearly states what I should've received yet someone didn't care enough to read before packaging up my box.

Ryan T.
Very Convenient

Fall Scent scent is very flowery and refreshing. Mrs. Meyer's made it without harsh chemicals so my kids can use it freely. came in a nice cad box and without spillage.

Mia F.

Mrs. Meyer's Hand soap is always my favorite. Quite nice smell of Apple cider and Mum. I got a pretty good discount from trustables and 2-day delivery.

Sophia Taylor
Worked out quite Well

Wonderful handwash soap from Mrs. Meyer's! Mum scent is very muted so does not overwhelm my nose & made with environmentally friendly ingredients. Trustables saves me time and money by shipping it so fast. Can't beat it!

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