Mrs. Meyer's Mum Fall Scented Home Bundle - Dish Soap, Multi-Surface Cleaner & Candle, 1 CT

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Mrs. Meyer's Fall Scent Home Bundle, Mum Scent

Elevate your autumn ambiance with the warm embrace of Mum, intricately combined in our limited-edition Fall Scent Home Bundle. Designed to give your home a seasonally-inspired refresh, each product encapsulates the essence of a crisp fall day.

Warm & Welcoming

Revel in the comforting scent of Mum, reminiscent of colorful fall gardens and crisp morning air. It’s a subtle reminder of nature's beauty during autumn.

Mum Fall Bundle Components

  • Dish Soap: Gentle on hands yet tough on grease, our dish soap not only cleans but also leaves a lingering scent of fresh Mums.

  • Multi-Surface Cleaner: A versatile formula designed to effectively clean surfaces while imparting the aromatic fragrance of Mums.

  • Candle: Set the mood for a cozy autumn evening with our scented candle. When lit, it fills the room with the gentle, comforting aroma of Mum.

Benefits & Features

  • Seasonal Delight: Enjoy a limited-time scent crafted exclusively for the fall season.

  • Plant-Derived Ingredients: Experience the power of nature with our ingredients derived from plants, combined with other thoughtfully chosen components.

  • Effective Cleaning: Not just aromatic, our products are designed to effectively tackle dirt and grime.

  • Eco-Friendly: Biodegradable formulas housed in recyclable containers showcase our dedication to the environment.

Mum Scent Profile

Envelop your home in the warm, floral notes of Mum. A perfect blend of earthy undertones with a hint of sweetness, capturing the spirit of fall.

About Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day:

Drawing inspiration from gardens and the beauty of nature, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day infuses the wonders of nature into every product. Our aim is to make your daily chores more pleasant with the delightful scents and effective, nature-derived ingredients. Experience the essence of the garden with every use.

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