Mrs. Meyer's Geranium Kitchen set, Dish soap, Hand soap, and Multi-surface Cleaner, 1 CT

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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Geranium Kitchen Set

Step into a blooming garden every time you walk into your kitchen with our Geranium Kitchen Set. Designed to tackle all your kitchen needs, from dirty dishes to messy counters, this set fills the room with a delightful, floral ambiance.

Captivating Geranium Scent

Geraniums, often used to uplift spirits with their delightful scent, inspire this fragrance, bringing in a touch of summer's bloom into your kitchen, regardless of the season.

All-In-One Cleaning Solutions

Geranium Dish Soap 

Say goodbye to tough grease and stubborn food residues. This Geranium-scented dish soap not only cleans effectively but also leaves behind an alluring aroma that lingers.

Geranium Hand Soap 

After cooking or cleaning, cleanse your hands with our gentle yet effective hand soap. Infused with the same sweet scent, it's a treat for the senses, leaving hands soft and fragrant.

Geranium Multi-Surface Cleaner 

From countertops to stovetops, ensure every corner of your kitchen sparkles. This multi-surface cleaner tackles dirt and grime, rejuvenating surfaces with the fresh scent of Geranium.

Natural and Gentle Ingredients

Rooted in goodness, our Geranium Kitchen Set boasts a formulation free from parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors. Instead, it champions plant-derived ingredients, ensuring safe and effective cleaning.

Sustainability Promise

We are steadfast in our commitment to the environment. Our bottles are crafted using at least 25% post-consumer plastic. Plus, Mrs. Meyer's products are cruelty-free, echoing our stand against animal testing.

Complete the Geranium Journey

Complement this kitchen set with our extended range of Geranium-scented products for a cohesive fragrance experience throughout your home.

Mrs. Meyer's – Garden-Inspired Goodness

Bring nature indoors with fragrances that are inspired by a blooming garden. With Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, enjoy cleaning products that not only work effectively but also delight the senses.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products bring garden-inspired scents to all the products that revolve around you. From the delightful scents of Lavender and Acorn Spice to the refreshing and invigorating scent of Lilac, find the scent you love for all your everyday use items including:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dahlia Gay
Best ever!

It is the perfect pack for a whole month for me. Love the combination of product and all have same smell it just amaze all guests when they see matching hand soap or clean surface. Pretty smoothing smell and powerful cleaning agents.

Evelyn Howard
Very Good Quality

Smell is very refreshing and not too chemically. It gives you that amazing soft hand after washing it and does not leave too dryness on hands. Dish soap makes all dish steak free and even removes oil stains. Love them!

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