Mrs. Meyer's Liquid Hand Soap, Plum Berry, 12.5 OZ

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Mrs. Meyer's Plum Berry Liquid Hand Soap

Dive into the lush and fruity aroma of plum combined with the tartness of berries. Mrs. Meyer's Plum Berry Liquid Hand Soap not only cleanses but also delights the senses with every wash.

A Burst of Berry Goodness

Inspired by nature's bounty, the Plum Berry scent combines the deep, rich notes of ripe plums with the tangy undertones of fresh berries. It's like a fruit orchard in the palm of your hand!

Gentle and Nourishing

Our formula, rich in plant-derived ingredients, ensures your hands are cleaned gently without drying them out. It's a soap that cares for your skin as much as it does for cleanliness.

Pure Ingredients, Pure Conscience

Free from parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors, our hand soap is a testament to our commitment to purity. Every drop promises a natural, wholesome cleaning experience.

Eco-friendly Commitment

We care for Mother Earth. Our bottles are crafted using at least 25% post-consumer plastic, underlining our dedication to sustainability. Plus, all Mrs. Meyer's products are cruelty-free, ensuring kindness at every step.

Discover the Garden's Magic

Step into Mrs. Meyer's world of garden-inspired scents. From cleaning solutions to personal care, every product is a fragrant journey through nature, always reminding you of the beauty of the simple things. Mrs. Meyer's - always rooted in goodness.

Customer Reviews

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Michael H.
Great Quality

I never knew there is a scent called Plumberry. It's a very tone-down smell and does not overwhelm your senses. Great that it is made with essential oil and natural ingredient.

Noah M.
Nice Quality

Plumberry is a very exceptional smelling scent among others in Mrs. Meyer's hand soap. My family loves the scent and eco-friendly nature of it. Two-day shipping is boon to have with trustable.

Ava K.
Very Convenient

I got this handwash with a really good deal. Soap is very gentle and does not make my hands dry like most soap. Plumberry fragrance is top-notch. Amazing how Donna from trustables handled my order and gave me a 2-day delivery.

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