Mrs. Meyer's Oat Blossom Liquid Hand Soap Refill, 33 OZ

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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Oat Blossom Liquid Hand Soap Refill

When your hand soap dispenser runs low, reach for Mrs. Meyer's Oat Blossom Liquid Hand Soap Refill. This 33 oz bottle ensures that the gentle touch and pleasant aroma of oat blossom linger on.

Earthy and Comforting

The Oat Blossom scent evokes a gentle feeling of comfort, reminiscent of a field of oats kissed by the morning sun. This understated, earthy aroma provides a soothing sensory experience every time you cleanse your hands.

Nourishing Cleanse

Our formula boasts a combination of plant-derived ingredients, ensuring a thorough clean without over-drying the skin. It's a blend that not only cleans but cares for your hands, leaving them feeling soft and pampered.

Environmentally Thoughtful

Opting for refills is a small step with a significant positive impact. By using this refill pouch, you’re helping to reduce plastic waste. Moreover, our packaging is designed with recyclability in mind, made with at least 30% post-consumer plastic.

Ingredients You Can Trust

Mrs. Meyer's is committed to transparency. Our Oat Blossom Liquid Hand Soap is free from parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors, ensuring a gentle and natural cleansing experience.

Easy to Use

Simply pour the liquid soap refill into your existing Mrs. Meyer's hand soap bottle. With 33 oz of product, this refill ensures your handwashing station remains stocked for a long time.

Nature's Embrace

Mrs. Meyer's is all about bringing the beauty and benefits of the garden into your home. Dive into our myriad of garden-inspired scents and products, and elevate your daily routines into aromatic journeys. Stay grounded, for Mrs. Meyer's is deeply rooted in nature's wonder.

Customer Reviews

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David Edelsohn
Mrs Meyer’s: Oat Blossom Liquid Hand Soap”

A very pleasant aroma. Earthy, yet light fragrance. Wanted the larger volume for refills as well as fiscal
Savings. Trustables came through promptly and as expected. Definitely recommend for continued business relationship.

Smells so good

With the olive oil ingredients, makes hand soft, unlike cheeper brands because of the reasonable price I will buy from this company, on next purchase

Shae Higgs
Neutral Creamy Scent

The handsoap refill bottle is so worth it. Can just keep refilling my bottle and lasts a long time. Nice neutral scent with the oat blossom too - smells creamy

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