Mrs. Meyer's Room Freshener, Apple Cider, 8 oz (3-Pack)

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Mrs. Meyer's Apple Cider Room Freshener (3-Pack): Triple the Aromatic Bliss

Dive deep into the invigorating world of apple orchards with Mrs. Meyer's Apple Cider Room Freshener in a special 3-pack edition. Unveil the luxury of having a fresh, lingering apple cider aroma anytime, anywhere, as you brighten up every room with thrice the charm.

Aroma in Threes

With three times the natural fragrance, let the wholesome scent of apple cider blended with autumn spices transform your living spaces, making every corner feel like a cozy fall haven.

Refresh, Revive, Rejoice

Spritz your way to an immediate mood uplift. Banish odors and breathe in the comforting scent that encapsulates the very essence of fall, be it in your living room, bedroom, or office.

Mrs. Meyer's Purity Promise

Experience the blend of nature's best with Mrs. Meyer's unwavering commitment to environmentally responsible ingredients. Revel in the scent, knowing each spray is rooted in kindness to Earth.

Embrace Every Season

Mrs. Meyer's Apple Cider Room Freshener isn't just for autumn. Its universally loved scent ensures you're wrapped in warmth and comfort no matter the time of year. And with a 3-pack, the sensory experience never ends.

Customer Reviews

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Taylor Richards
Very Good

Apple Cider scent is perfect and very soothing. Love how it overpower all odor and makes the room very refreshing. I always keep one pack in every room so whole house smells really good and fresh.

Sam Brooks
Perfect !!

I keep this in the guest room Keep room very fresh and just amazing to have smoothing smell when ever someone enters room. Its smell is not overwhelming and lasts really long. I love it!

Jackie Bailey
Very Good Quality!

This room freshener is pretty convenient for my house. I have an old house and always have that typical smell when I keep the house closed for a few days. It is handy to quickly remove all odors and this leaves room very fresh.

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