My-T-Fine Pudding and Pie Filling Lemon, 2.75 OZ, 1 CT

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If you ever lived in the East Coast, this is a name you'll remember. My*T*Fine pudding and pie filling is in a class by itself. Established in 1918 as the first packaged pudding mix in the U.S., My-T-Fine pudding is considered the only premium line of puddings. Certified Kosher, it's hard to describe but it's just richer and creamier than the stuff you find in the grocery stores. It'll cost you a few cents more, but I'll bet you'll never go back to the other brands once you've tried this stuff. By the way, this isn't that instant pudding, you have to add milk to the chocolate and vanilla, some other things to the lemon, and then bring them all to a full bubbling boil...and it's worth every minute.

Customer Reviews

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Joyce Gmahl
My t fine

So glad I could fine these pudding/pie filings. Not available in any stores around here

My T Fine

My 91 year old mother was thrilled to have My T Fine back in her pantry.

Nancy Fountain
Best pie filling

Could not find at grocery store. Will not use anything else.

Susan Briscoe
Great pudding

I was very happy to find it and order.
It's the only brand pudding my mother ever used in my childhood in the 50's & 60's.

Isabel Luna
Best ever!

This has the taste of homemade, with fresh squeezed lemon juice. We savored every mouthful. It really does taste homemade and not from a box. Very convenient and affordable!

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