O-Cedar Multi-Use No Scratch Scrunge, 6 CT

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No more stinky and scratchy sponges with the O-Cedar Multi-Use No Scratch Scrunge Spunges! The multi-surface Scrunge Scrub Sponge features a patented, durable non-scratch 3-D Scrubber that won't fray or pill and will last 20% longer than regular scrub sponges while effectively breaking up dirt and grime.

  • The powerful Scrunge Scrub Sponge uses the only patented, non-scratch scrubbing surface endorsed by Teflon
  • Scrubber side offers a unique rippled surface that breaks up and lifts away dirt
  • Rinse-fresh technology ensures that your sponge will not smell
  • Powerful scrubbing surface tackles tough messes and will not scratch
  • Built with durable material and lasts 20% longer than regular scrubbing sponges

Use & Care:

This product is designed to be safe on most household surfaces. For delicate surfaces, test first on an inconspicuous area and allow to dry before general use. Not safe for aquarium use. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze sponge dry after each use. For best results, replace every 30-60 days.

Customer Reviews

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Unhappy Consumer
You sent the wrong item

The item that came was not what was pictured on your site and what I thought I ordered. I specifically came to your site to place the order I did because of the photo matching exactly what I wanted. Seems like bait and switch tactic which is a horrible business approach. I'm not going to chase this headache as it is not worth my time. I've left negative social media feedback and negative on Amazon as that is the only recourse that I feel I have. I will never order from your site again. Others need to be aware of your tactics.

John Williams
really loved it..

I am given the honest review about the product which I was use in my I camp days and the product is that I have really very much love and this is the product which I give the honest review product keys excellent in very useful on daily basis.

David Johnson
impressive so far

Accepted, I have been using these just a couple of weeks so it's really taste of mine. But impressive so far, quality is excellent.

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