Stephens Gourmet Stephens Fry Sauce, 17.5 oz

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Stephen's Gourmet: Elevating the Art of Dipping

Introducing the crown jewel of the Rockies and Pacific Northwest's culinary traditions: Stephen's Fry Sauce. Renowned and cherished, this unique blend stands as the definitive choice when it comes to complementing the flavors of fried or grilled delights.

Unveiling the Fry Sauce Phenomenon

Mustard may have its moments, and ketchup its charm, but neither compares to the allure of Stephen's Fry Sauce. This masterpiece is birthed from a perfect harmony of creamy mayo and spirited ketchup. With the addition of Stephen's signature blend of spices, this fry sauce rises to legendary status.

Why Stephen’s Fry Sauce is a Culinary Marvel

  • Experience the sublime meld of mayo and ketchup, perfected in balance.
  • The special blend of spices offers a tantalizing twist, making each dip unforgettable.
  • An irreplaceable companion for fries, creating a flavor explosion with every bite.
  • Turns any grilled dish into a gourmet experience, accentuating its flavors.
  • The iconic 17.5 Oz packaging ensures there's always enough to go around at gatherings.

More Than Just a Sauce

Stephen's Gourmet Fry Sauce isn't merely a condiment; it's a statement. A testament to culinary innovation and the pursuit of impeccable taste. It's not just fries that crave its company; it's every dish looking for that extra zest.

A Tradition of Taste Mastery with Stephen's Gourmet

Each bottle of our Fry Sauce stands as a symbol of our commitment to flavor brilliance. Dive into the 17.5 Oz of pure taste spectacle, and redefine your dipping experiences.

Trustables Introduces: The Legendary Stephen's Fry Sauce

Indulge in the culinary magic of Stephen's Gourmet Fry Sauce, proudly showcased by Trustables. We believe in presenting only the elite to our esteemed patrons. With Stephen's Fry Sauce, you don't just experience a dip; you revel in a gourmet legacy. Let every meal be transformed with a touch of Trustables'

Customer Reviews

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Delicious Sauce

Stephens Fry Sauce is the best!!

Sammie Hart

Stop dipping in ketchup and switch to this fry sauce! I was introduced to it because a friend of mine visited Utah & it's super popular there Utah knows what they're talking about too because this sauce slaps. So much better than using Ketchup. I put ketchup all over my Cheeseburger so this fry sauce is a good change for different flavor. Seriously, TRY IT!

Good taste hard to describe

Kind of difficult to describe the taste but I think it's mayo and ketchup. Pretty decent to change it up

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