Ziploc Double Zipper All Purpose 1/2 Gallon Marinade Bags, 24 CT

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 Ziploc All Purpose Marinade Bags are specially designed for easy filling and storing of meats and marinades. Prepare meals in advance for easy prep and cooking.

  • Easy filling and storing of meats and marinades
  • Unique size & shape
  • Expandable bottom stays upright for easy filling and storage
  • Made of durable plastic

Ziploc Marinade Bag Product Features

Easy filling and storing of meats and marinades Unique size & shape features an expandable bottom that stays upright for easy filling and storage and is made of durable plastic.

Food Bag Type

Ziploc Storage Bags

Food Storage Bag Closure Style

Pinch & Seal Double Zipper from Ziploc

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Food Storage Bag Capacity

1/2 Gallon

Food Storage Bag Count



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Ziploc Marinade Bag Directions

DIRECTIONS: Defrost & Reheat - Vent bag 1". For use in the microwave, place the bag on a microwave safe dish. Handle with care. Bag and contents may be hot. Do not overheat the contents as the bag may melt.

Ziploc Marinade Bag Ingredients

Polyethylene, Dye and Ink, SCJ Formula # 35*25119

Warnings and Disclaimer

To avoid the danger of suffocation, keep bags away from babies and young children.

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