Ziploc Double Zipper All Purpose 1/2 Gallon Marinade Bags, 24 CT

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Elevate Your Food Prep with Ziploc Double Zipper All Purpose 1/2 Gallon Marinade Bags - The Ultimate Kitchen Companion

Ziploc All Purpose Marinade Bags have been meticulously crafted to simplify your meal preparation, making it a breeze to store meats and marinades. These bags are designed to help you plan and prepare meals in advance, streamlining your cooking process.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Filling and Storage: These bags are tailored for easy filling and secure storage of meats and marinades.
  • Unique Size & Shape: Their distinctive design sets them apart, making them a versatile addition to your kitchen.
  • Stay Upright: Thanks to their expandable bottom, these bags remain upright during filling and storage, preventing spills and mishaps.
  • Durability: Crafted from sturdy plastic, Ziploc Marinade Bags are built to last, ensuring your ingredients are protected.

Product Features:

Ziploc All Purpose Marinade Bags are your kitchen's best friend when it comes to marinating meats effortlessly. Their unique size and shape, along with the expandable bottom that stays upright, simplify your meal preparations. Made from durable plastic, these bags ensure a secure seal for your marinades and ingredients, keeping everything fresh and mess-free.


  • Food Bag Type: Ziploc Storage Bags
  • Food Storage Bag Closure Style: Pinch & Seal Double Zipper from Ziploc
  • Color: Clear
  • Food Storage Bag Capacity: 1/2 Gallon
  • Food Storage Bag Count: 24

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DIRECTIONS: To defrost and reheat, vent the bag by 1 inch. When using the microwave, place the bag on a microwave-safe dish. Please handle with care, as both the bag and its contents may become hot. Avoid overheating, as this may cause the bag to melt.


Ziploc Marinade Bags are made from Polyethylene, Dye and Ink, SCJ Formula # 35*25119

Warnings and Disclaimer:

CAUTION: To prevent the risk of suffocation, keep bags out of reach of babies and young children.

Experience the convenience of Ziploc All Purpose Marinade Bags and revolutionize your meal preparation. Say goodbye to kitchen chaos and hello to organized, stress-free cooking!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anaya Harvey
Perfect !!

I used this food storage bag for my leftover and fruits. The next day I reheat the food and it tasted fresh. Very Good bags.

Zuri Porter
Very good taste

This is a great zip lock bag. Closure is secure. Size is great for taking lunch to the office everyday. Highly recommended!

Mell Watts
Very Good Quality!

Bags are thick and pretty much leak proof for my use. Zip lock quality is good and seals the bag very well. I always keep it with me when I need it. Pleased with my purchase.

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