Ziploc Slider Gallon Freezer Bag Value Pack, 24 CT

Sale price$7.99


  • Ziploc Slider Freezer Bags have a flat base and expandable bottom to make them easy to fill, even with liquids
  • Perfect for storing bulky items and food. Filled bags stand side by side in most refrigerators, freezers, and pantries
  • Features our Smart Zip Seal. Slider closure makes these bags easy to close, easy to open
  • Freezer bags help to prevent freezer burn while keeping food fresh and full of taste
  • Microwave safe plastic (use as directed). When defrosting and reheating food, open the storage bag zipper one inch to vent. BPA free

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Customer Reviews

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Ella Murray
Very Good Quality

It's ideal for my meat preservation. They tightly seal and keep moisture out. Excellent plastic quality; overall, it serves my needs.

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